Friday, April 11, 2008

Humans are in essence evil

Michael Vick was a superstar. He was the rebel, the boy from the ghetto, who made it to the National Football League (NFL), as a quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons. But there was too much gangster left in him, or too much violent culture left in him, and even though he was making way enough money, he got into an illegal money-making activity. He organised dog fights and illegal gambling as you may have seen in Amorres perros (the best movie by IƱarritu, before he became a sell out), in his own millionaire-type residence. America, the home of the golden retriever family and animal rights activists, was shocked. It sent him to prison and ended his career. The Chinese, who eat dogs, must have thought this exaggerated.

Violence on animals and gambling on organised fights is widespread around the world. Coq fights are ubiquitous in Asia and Africa while the Spaniards brought with them the killing of the bull practise in most of its colonies, where the matador, the “bull killer”, is now praised. In the Philippines, in the remote villages of the southern island of Mindanao, they even have horse fights. They get them to fight the same way you get any animal to do it. You put two males near a horny female. I keep on wondering how the locals can applause and cheer such a violent, abusive and bloody contest, which would never happen without humans starting it.

In Nicaragua, the residents of Managua had the misfortune to host an exhibition of dying dogs, by a sick Costa Rican artist, Guillermo Vargas. His 'work of art' consisted in watching the agony and suffering of dogs who were tied to the gallery’s walls by a short rope and were left for days without food or water, until death.

It even gets sicker. Sexual tourism is not only human sexual tourism. Some go to Thailand to have sex with underage boys; others go to a prostitute village in Borneo, in Indonesia, to have sex with Pony. Pony is a chained and shaved orang-utan, lying on a mattress. Apparently, it took 35 policemen armed with AK-47s to rescue her form the villagers who were violently resisting giving away their source of income.

The westerners may care about animals more than the rest of the world, but it might still be a matter of culture, or survival (to earn a living income). Westerners poison rats and organise bull fights and rodeos. While Indians treat bulls and cows as gods, America and Argentina slaughter them massively. Japanese fishermen hunt whales while Canadians kill deer with bows and arrows and African poachers kill elephants. Should the West, or the UN, impose animal rights as they wish they could impose human rights, such as women’s right in the Middle-East? Is it a universal right or national culture? Why do I care so much about animals, if others don’t?

Without hesitation, I think humans are, in actual fact, evil, and not just when it comes to mistreating animals. For example, some UNHCR employees just want to go work on the field to rape refugees in camps. See this story from Vice.

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